Sunday, December 02, 2007


Thought I would share with everyone the snow that had fallen as of around 9 am this morning at my parents' house--

Even more snow had fallen throughout the day, when in the late afternoon, Mom emailed me a picture of their Christmas Tree

All this activity put me in the Christmas mood too. This, however, is as far as I got:

(and it took me, like, a half hour to find them)

Oh, we have lots of excuses: we're recovering from our celebration of yesterday's Nail Biting Civil War game, where the Beavs pulled it out in double overtime to beat the Ducks on their home turf for the first time since 1993. Couple that with near-freezing temps outside and howling winds with gusts of up to 45 mph and we realized that

hungover people+

galeforce winds+


bad things would probably happen.

Cameron has asked me eleventy million times today if we can hang up the lights, but he keeps getting the same answer: next weekend, sweetie.

I hope.


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