Thursday, June 28, 2007

Amatuer Hour

Hey Look!

Another excuse for no postings in a while!
(and this one's a doozy)

I did the flowers for a friend's wedding on Saturday.

13 boutiniers
5 corsages
5 bridesmaids
25 centerpieces
2 Cakes
1 lovely bride...

A few days of fun.

A huge shout out to Tamara and Jim for letting me work in their shop. Tamara, you build a mean corsage.

Father's Day Caming Trip

A Belated Post...


I'm happy to report that Jeromy's sunburn on his legs has finally gone away.

Sunburn: on account of being in his pontoon boat all day for two days.

I think it was a small price to pay.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Preparing for our Camping Trip

For some reason, it's bothering me that it still takes me three days to pack five rubbermaid totes, three coolers, many (many) sleeping bags and three suitcases to go camping.

For a day and a half.

Here's our week so far...

Monday: Work, attempt to relocate camping stuff from recent (but really not-so-recent) move

Tuesday: Work, empty all camping totes to clean up from last camping trip. Which, incidentally, was in May, 2006. Wash, repack, restock... repeat.

Wednesday: Work, go to Army Surplus store to buy more blankets and an electric blow up pumpy thing because our $200 AeroBed has sprung a leak somewhere and we don't have time to diagnose the culprit. Drive 2 and a half hours (round trip) to "secure" a camping spot... only to decide to pitch our tent next to Mark and Charlotte's RV anyway.

Thursday: Work, shop for groceries for camping trip, pack coolers.

...okay, so that's four days.

We're headed up to South Twin Lake this weekend for our annual Father's Day Camping weekend. This time, we're actually going to camp. Some of you may remember from my 2004 Christmas letter that I recounted our first attempt at camping... the time when Cameron screamed in the tent for three hours and we drove home in the middle of the night? Well, we're headed back to the same spot. Even pitched our tent very nearly in the exact same place.

I'd better go knock on some wood now.

Have a great Father's Day, everyone!

Friday, June 01, 2007

It's a Ceremony

About a year ago, all Cameron wanted to watch was The Incredibles. So the following comes to you courtesy of my memory and also approximately 568 viewings of The Incredibles to date:

Elastagirl: You're not coming to Dash's graudation...
Mr. Incredible: It's not a graduation. He's moving from the fourth grade into the fifth grade.
Elastagirl: It's a ceremony!
Mr. Incredible: It's psychotic.

Here's Cameron's Pre-K 3 "graduation" "ceremony" today, which was supposed to be held in the backyard at Crawmer's Critterz. However, thanks to a sudden rainstorm of Biblical proportions and a 15-minute power outage, it was moved to the Red Cross classroom. (of all places)

They sang songs (in sign language, too), including a sweet one called "We're Building a Better World." Cameron didn't really pay much attention and I'm pretty sure lip-synched through most of the performance. We caught Zach yawning on tape. Ethan was in true form today-- the best singer out there-- and he bowed very gentleman-like after each song was finished. Cooper managed to stay on stage this time, but only after yelling "Mommy! Don't look at me!," at which point Nikki and Greg hid behind Mike and Kerry for the rest of the performance.

We got to catch up with parents we don't normally see at drop off and pick up and then we went out for dinner next door at El Cap. It was a great evening.

Cameron would like to say that he loves you all. And also that he can lip-synch very well.