Monday, September 17, 2007

SOS-- love, Sherman

Hello, my name is Sherman.
Would someone please adopt me? I can get you a great two-for-one deal with my brother, Shiloh.
First off, I should mention that this family flushed the fish, Bruce, and then told the little human that Bruce grew up and went to live with the other fish in the lake. What a crock! You can see that my situation is helpless at best, which adds insult to injuries received last week, from which I'm just starting to recover.
Because what does the big human lady do when she discovers my sad, pathetic pink litter box clumps last Sunday? They go boating! Then the next day she makes me go all the way to the vet's office all hurried-like because she wants to get me in and out of the vet that day before the big human guy finds out she's taken me at all, what with no insurance and everything.
On a side note, I kind of like the vet's office. Sure, they may poke me and prod me and clean my ears and fill me full of IV fluid and take samples... but at least someone pays attention to me. So after two days of this, (and a nice overnight stay, I might add) where do I get to go? Back to the house with the annoying little human, without a diagnosis, but armed with new food and something called a "diet."
Hmmm. I wonder what that is?

New Post!

So I sat down at 9:00 this evening to do this post... but after nearly an hour arranging the photos that I (finally) uploaded and taking nearly 45 minutes of that sidetracked by looking at old pictures (Cameron... as a baby! Squee!)...

Well, here I am.
Here's the last month, drive-by style:

Cameron and Grampy, August 2007

Cameron, me, Uncle "Albertson" Baba and Gege, August 2007

Are you ready for some football?