Saturday, February 09, 2008

Our Patriotic Catholic

So, you know you don't take your child to church often enough when, as the Priest walks down the nave for Ash Wednesday services, your child asks (in the loudest kid-voice possible) "is that the President?," and also, during the opening hymn, he puts his hand over his heart.

So, yeah. At least our Peace be with You nieghbors got a good chuckle out of it too.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On January 7, The Earth Cracked and Swallowed me Whole. It Was Loud.

So, yeah.

But life went on! Including, but not limited to:

Jeromy's last-minute trip to Green Bay, Wisconson for the Packers/Seahawks game.

Oh, blogger! The picture of the three boys was taken at Courtney's recent gym meet in Bend on January 19 (for the record... she placed first on the floor, balance beam, vault and all-round and got second on the uneven bars). The reason why I took that picture? Because the boy on the right? Was in the NICU with Cameron all those years ago! It was fun to catch up with his dad. Amazing how these little guys pulled through so well.

Next is Bailey, Gabriela and Sahalie at Gabriela's baby shower on January 27.

Finally, Bailey's eighth birthday party at Cascades All Stars Gym.

Here's hoping all of you are shoveling out of the snow and winter. Did the Groundhog see its shadow? I don't even know. We're in for a Big Melt in the coming days... looking foward to it!