Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A big Move

Our first of two upcoming moves is in full swing; I am currently loading up all of our worldly posessions (box by box) and moving them to our temporary Cameron's Castle in southwest Bend. Load by load, step by step I'm slowly getting there. All of our upstairs (save the large furniture) is moved and relatively "placed" in the new house, awaiting final arrangement. The kitchen and master bedroom are looming-- after those two chores, I have the garage to empty and all of our backyard toys and furniture. The movers will be here on Friday to lug the beds and furniture, stuff I didn't want to burden Jeromy with since he's been working all week.

While I've been taking it easy, I've certainly worked hard enough to know one thing: I'm NOT doing this when we move to Redmond. There are professionals who do this for a living, and so instead of using their services for just four hours and our large items, they will be packing, moving and unpacking come summer and our move to Redmond.

Cameron has discovered Playdoh. He is currently, and coincidentally, making a "castle," which means he is pulling his playdoh apart, mixing the colors, and piling his smaller bits into a bowl. There you have it: a castle.

Cam had his hair cut this past Saturday and Jerry, who has been cutting his hair since he was seven months old, noticed how verbal he's become in just the few weeks since he's seen him. I explained his new school and Cameron's blossoming therein-- a sure sign that Crawmers Critterz has been a great investment.

Cameron has announced he's done with playdoh and wants to get down. We have Mary Poppins in the background, so I guess it's time for a bit more entertainment before dinner. Spit Spot and off I go.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Week Two

Update Blog:

It's week two of my self-imposed unemployment, which isn't to say I don't have anything to do and am not working. Insurance school (required training as part of my licensing with WFG) is keeping me busy for anywhere from 4 to 5 hours per day, or at least until my brain can't hold anymore new stuff and feels like it's going to explode. The sale of the house (it occurred to me just now that I may not have mentioned that in any of these blogs) that is closing on November 22 (and our necessary move into a temporary rental until Cameron's New Castle in Redmond is built) has kept me very busy with phone calls and the anitipation of packing and moving, much of which I will be doing while Cameron is in school at Crawmer's Critterz. Catching up from 2.5 years as a full-time working mom with a full-time mommy job at home has filled in the holes in my day, as I continue to do all those little things I've been needing to attend to for months.
The days go by just as fast, the evenings with Cameron before bedtime are still too short, but it's exhilerating to be moving in this direction. Everything is so new and exciting.

Say it with me now... "go Beavs!" The final home game of the season is this Saturday and against (if memory serves) Stanford. Jeromy will be attending in one of his daddy days off, which I admit are sometimes few and far between, and will be travelling with a to-be-determined guest in my stead as Cam and I stay home to enjoy the November chilly weather. Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 19th and the upcoming Civil War. There will be much celebrating before, (hopefully) during and (hopefully) after the game as the Miller Family cheers on our team from our new living room at 1184 SW SilverLake Boulevard. The plan is to be completely moved in by game day and kick-off. Keep your fingers crossed for the move and for the game.

Cameron is doing stellar. Okay, he could use a haircut but other than that he's doing great. The highlight of his week was Monday night, when Kelly Goff (www.kgoff.com) came to take his picture in the Miller Family Navy Suit. For those of you not familiar with this lore, the story goes that in the 1940s, Gail and his brothers had their pictures taken in an authentic (but toddler-sized) US Navy sailor suit. Every child, grandchild, great grandchild and now even great-great grandchild has had his or her picture taken in that suit, and Monday night it was Cameron's turn. Kelly came to work her magic with the camera (like she always does). The highlight for me was two-fold-- at one point, Gail and Jean came over to watch, so three generations (Gail, Jeromy and Cameron) of sailor-suit wearing Millers were in the same room while the honor was bestowed on Cam. Secondly, Gail brought over a prop to be used in Cameron's picture; it was a magazine storage box that Grandpa Earl, after whom Cam was named, made in school. Very sentimental and fun to keep up a tradition that has lasted for more than 60 years.